About the Medifast Diet

Welcome to Medifast! If you are tired of outrageous claims and fad diets and are ready to commit to a program that really works, you have come to the right place. Medifast is committed to providing you with the quality products, programs and support you need to reach your weight management goals.  The Medifast program has been clinically proven at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and has been recommended by over 15,000 physicians for over 20 years. More than 750,000 people have successfully used Medifast products to lose significant weight and change their lives.

The Medifast philosophy is one of meal replacement. Medifast meal replacement food supplements may be used over a large spectrum from weight loss to weight maintenance to general nutrition. Medifast foods supplements are considered the premier meal replacement in the industry with great tasting products that are robust in vitamins and minerals, soy protein and soluble fiber. Many Medifast products bear the FDA's heart healthy claim, "May Reduce The Risk of Heart Disease." Medifast is on the cutting edge of weight management and nutrition with a variety of great tasting products and flavors in shakes, soups, bars, oatmeal, chili. The company recently expanded its product lines to include disease management products. Remember, with Medifast, YOU'LL NEVER LOOK OR FEEL BETTER!

Weight Loss

Lose 15 Pounds or More

Medifast 55, Medifast 70, Medifast Plus

The Medifast Philosophy is "eat a meal or replace a meal." With Medifast high quality products and programs, you could lose approximately 2-7 pounds per week. Medifast 55 and 70 are the core Medifast programs.

Medifast 55
This program is recommended for females who need to lose 15 pounds or more. You may choose a complete meal replacement program or modified program.
Medifast 70
This program is recommended for males as well as for females who are very physically active or people who struggle with lactose intolerance. You may choose a complete meal replacement program or modified program.

Should I do a Complete Meal Replacement or Modified Plan?

Complete Meal Replacement
The complete program allows you to lose weight at a more rapid rate than the modified program. Medifast recommends that those on the complete program consume five to six Medifast supplements (Medifast 55 or 70) per day with no regular food. Weight loss on this program is typically 3-7 pounds per week. This option is recommended if you prefer to avoid all food choices and have a significant amount of weight to lose. We recommend that the MedSlim physician medically supervise this program.

Modified Plan
The modified program was designed for individuals who have medical or social needs that make it difficult to avoid all regular food. Weight loss on this program typically ranges between 2 to 4 pounds per week. Medifast recommends that those on the modified program consume four to five Medifast supplements (Medifast 55 or 70) per day, plus a daily meal consisting of lean meat and a salad or vegetable.

We recommend a modified plan for most patients, as many people prefer to eat one regular meal per day in addition to their Medifast supplements. We recommend that a qualified medical practitioner medically supervise your program.

You may switch back and forth between the Complete Meal Replacement program and Modified program option. For example, you may do a complete meal replacement plan during the week and a modified plan on the weekend. Complete program instructions and suggested meal options are included with your order!

You may also substitute other Medifast® meal replacements (bars, creamy soups, oatmeal, tea and chili) once or twice a day in place of shakes. Medifast has formulated these supplements to compliment your Medifast program so that you have more choices and variety as well as a better opportunity for success!

Because of the rate of weight loss on the Medifast program, we recommend that you consult with the MedSlim physician before starting. To get started on your weight loss program call us at 813 969-4473 or email us at medslim@family-dr.com to set up a consultation.


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