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Schweinshaupt Walk In & Family Care is proud to offer a licensed MedSlim clinic for your healthcare needs.  It has been determined that over 60% of Americans are now overweight.  Being overweight significantly affects your general well being and your energy level.  Obesity contributes to heart conditions, hypertension, diabetes, arthritis and depression.  With weight loss, I am able to decrease or even discontinue patient's medications.  I have yet to see a patient who did not feel better after losing weight.  I ask you to continue reading to learn more about the Medifast meal replacement program.  I am offering this program because there is a huge need and it works.

Medslim is a weight loss  program  using  clinically proven Medifast   meal replacements.  This diet is for those who have  been unable to lose weight on their own or who need a medically supervised program due to medical conditions.  The average weight loss is 3-5 pounds/week.  At the MedSlim clinic you will be provided weekly visits for monitoring, encouragement, and accountability.  All of your supplements and support materials can be purchased at the MedSlim clinic.  If diet pills are needed or medications need to be adjusted the center physician is available to help.  Visit About Medifast for more  information.  Call us at 969-4473  to schedule a free consultation.

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Go to FAQ for questions/information about Medifast.

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